Healthy Ireland Survey

Population Study commissioned by the Department of Health

What is this research about?

The Department of Health has commissioned Ipsos MRBI to complete a national survey about lifestyles on its behalf. The third wave of the survey is currently underway and covers a variety of issues relating to Irish lifestyles. The topics covered by this wave of the survey include:

How are respondents selected?

Over 13,000 households were randomly selected from An Post’s address list to take part in the survey. From this approximately 7,400 people aged 15 years and over will be interviewed. Only one person in each household is asked to participate and this person is randomly selected by the interviewer. There is a need to survey people as young as 15 years old as it is important to understand changes in lifestyles over time.

What is involved in the survey?

Respondents take part in a survey interview that takes place with an interviewer in their home. Each respondent is also asked to participate in a survey module during which the interviewer measures their height, weight and waist circumference.

When will the results be known?

The first results of this research phase will be published in 2017. Publications from previous waves of this survey can be found on the Healthy Ireland website.