• Social Messaging Infographic – August 2017 (15/9/2017) - Highlights from August 2017: 30% of adults aged 15+ have a Snapchat account, the highest figure recorded to date. Over 770,000* adults aged 15+ in the Republic of Ireland use Snapchat on a daily basis. *Daily usage figures calculated based
  • Social Networking Infographic – August 2017 (15/9/2017) - Highlights from August 2017: Having seen Facebook account ownership drop in April 2017, it has returned to January 2017 levels and now stands at 64%. 1.695* million adults aged 15+ in the Republic of Ireland use Facebook on a daily


Consumers are making new choices about how they use, how they pay and who they pay for energy. Government intervention is disrupting the market, as too is innovation in renewables. Change is driven by incentives, with concern for the environment playing a lesser role in consumer decisions.

An avalanche of post-deregulation activity was to be expected, but increased competition has narrowed the gap between providers, and consequently the appetite to switch provider has reduced.

So how do we engage the new energy consumer? To find out more about our approach to researching this dynamic sector, please contact Tarik Laher.


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Social Messaging Tracker – April 2017
Social Messaging Tracker for April 2017 – WhatsApp account ownership surpasses Facebook Messenger Ipsos MRBI’s Social Messaging Tracker (April 2017) records a decrease in Facebook Messenger account ownership of 8 points since April 2017 and now stands at 50%. WhatsApp account ownership has decreased by 1 point to 55%. WhatsApp now stands as the most prevalent social messaging platform, surpassing Facebook Messenger.  Skype account ownership fell to 34% in April 2017, the lowest recorded figure across the past two years of the Social Messaging Tracker. Further results can be found on our Social Messaging infographic (see PDF). Find us here: Twitter: @IpsosMRBI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IpsosMRBI Google +: http://google.com/+IpsosMRBIBlackrock LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ipsos-mrbi   About this Research This research was conducted as part of Ipsos MRBI’s Omnipoll service which interviews a fresh sample of 1,000 adults in Ireland aged 15+ every two weeks. Respondents were interviewed via telephone. For more information on Ipsos MRBI’s Omnipoll service please contact Belinda Norton by e-mail at belinda.norton@ipsos.com. For more information on Ipsos MRBI’s Social Networking and Messaging Quarterlies, please contact Rebecca Porter at rebecca.porter@ipsos.com or phone on +353(0)1-4389000.
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Aldi brand shouts loudest! Familiar brand names top the October list of most salient brands.

To compile BrandShout, Ipsos MRBI asks a nationally representative sample of Irish adults to recall which brands they recall seeing or hearing any advertising for recently. Interviewing is conducted by telephone to avoid any methodological bias.

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